Chimney Cleaning

Unclean chimneys can result in damaging structure fires. Over time, creosote, which is extremely combustible and corrosive, can build up resulting in chimney flare-ups. When you hire Bob Davis to clean your chimney, we will ensure your chimney is free of creosote and other obstructions. 

Chimney & Fireplace Inspections

Having your fireplace and chimney inspected regularly is the best way to keep your home safe. Chimney fires can cause devastating damage. If you can’t remember the last time you had your chimney and fireplace inspected, now is time to schedule an inspection. Our chimney sweeps will inspect the liners, smoke chamber, chimney exterior and firebox from top to bottom, searching for potential hazards, including premature deterioration and structural problems. We offer Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 NFPA inspections. 

Chimney Relining

Your chimney’s lining is one of the most important parts of your chimney. Over time your chimney’s liner begins to deteriorate, which makes using your fireplace hazardous. If your liner is starting to crack or crumble, you need to have your chimney relined before safely using your fireplace again. Leave the chimney relining to our experienced chimney sweeps. We use both cast-in-place masonry chimney linings and insulated stainless steel chimney linings. We take on chimney relining projects other chimney companies can’t, in all shapes and sizes from squares and rectangles to rectovals.

Chimney Restoration & Repairs 

We have been restoring and repairing chimneys for years. We can repair virtually any type of masonry chimney. Whether your chimney needs partial or full rebuilding, you can count on us for a job well-done. We’ve had plenty of experience solving mysterious smoke problems, draft problems, odor problems, leak diagnosis, and other chimney-related issues. We can also waterproof your chimney to help avoid leak issues altogether. 

Chimney Caps

We can build chimney caps at our fabrication facility that are designed to your specifications. Our team constructs both standard and custom designed chimney caps in stainless steel and copper, and we can even paint or powder coat the caps to perfectly complement your home. All of our chimney caps come with a lifetime warranty against structural defects.

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Fireplace Restoration 

If you feel like your current fireplace is starting to look dated, we can work with you to design and install a new one that fits your home’s décor. We’ve installed all kinds of fireplaces from brick and stone to tile, marble and river rock. 

Keeping Chimneys & Fireplaces Safe for 30+ Years

Contact us today for a sweep including a Free Level 1 Inspection! Only $249.99. *applies to conventional wood burning fireplaces.

Bob, Thank you so much for working out your schedule. :)
Thank you for the good work.
Thank you, Bob, for making your schedule work to get Stephanie's chimney repair finished while I was in Charlotte. What a super trio of guys you three are! Thanks again.
Hello Bob, Thank you so much for a very helpful consultation! Brian and I enjoyed learning about our fireplace and out options. We appreciate your thorough inspection and sharing of you knowledge! Take care.
Kim Hamilton
We purchased our home in Belmont and it had a very nice wood burning fireplace that needed some work. I called several other companies but once I spoke to Bob I could tell he had many years of experience and knew exactly how to advise me. He let me ask as many questions as I wanted and explained the work that needed to be done. The project was completed in the time-frame he said and within the estimated price he provided. I would recommend him to anyone I know.
Sandi M.
When I called [Bob] it was obvious he has many years or experience with Fireplaces and Chimneys. I like that he took the time to answer the questions and to explain the situation and options I needed for my fireplace. I called three other companies before him and each one gave misinformation and didn't want to take the time to explain and teach me so I could make an educated decision. Instead they just wanted to sell me something I didn't need. I never knew there were so many intricacies to the business but now know exactly who to call to get my questions answered and get the best service at a fair price! I'm so lucky I found him before choosing one of the other guys.
Mike M.
Called Bob and he was able to come out in 2 days. He showed up on time and was very professional (even letting me know when he was 30 minutes out). He looked at the fireplace and made the recommendation for repair with some estimated pricing. So right there on the spot he helped me walked through the decision process on what would fix the issue. I was VERY happy with his knowledge and felt like I could trust him to give me the right advice and not just try to sell me something. Thanks Bob!