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Unclean Chimneys

Unclean chimneys can result in damaging structure fires. Over time, creosote, which is extremely combustible and corrosive, can build up resulting in chimney flare-ups. When you hire Bob Davis to clean your chimney, we will ensure your chimney is free of creosote and other obstructions. It is very important to have your chimney and fireplace system thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. You must keep up with the maintenance of your chimney to provide yourself and your home with adequate use of the burning appliance. Proper maintenance includes an annual inspection that can be provided by one of our trained professional chimney sweeps.

Chimney Repair Charlotte NC

Overlooked Routine Maintenance

Cleaning your chimney system can often be an overlooked part of routine maintenance of your house since you typically only use your fireplace for a few months out of the year. It is still just as important to have your chimney system inspected and cleaned annually, as with any other component of your house. There are several factors to take into consideration as to why you should have one of our chimney sweep professionals take a look at your chimney. Different kinds of fuel types can have different effects on your chimney, as well as other burning sources such as different kinds of woods. However, if you are using wood as a primary burning source, we recommend that you have your chimney system cleaned once every six to twelve months. If you burn green-colored wood or more than two cords of wood, it is suggested that you should have your chimney cleaned more often as these circumstances have differentiating effects on the whole burning system. If you use a chimney system that burns any kind of oils, they are more susceptible to blockages and need to be maintained regularly to prevent any ventilation problems. If your chimney system has a problem with excessive amounts of soot, this could be an issue with the boiler or furnace. Natural gas can generate specific problems, even though it is considered to be a clean burning fuel. Gas furnaces that use natural gas as a heating source are likely to produce high levels of water vapor causing condensation, and these water vapors contain chlorides that combine with the air supplied by your home. It can cause a hydrochloric acid infused water vapor throughout your house and is very hazardous to you and your home. During the cleaning process, any one of our skilled chimney sweep professionals can identify problems that you might be experiencing with your chimney system and we can assist you in any repairs that may need to be made. To avoid any repairs, we highly recommend that you have your chimney system properly cleaned at least once a year by someone at Bob Davis Chimney Sweep.

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Chimney Repair Charlotte NC

Skilled Professionals

The occupation of a chimney sweep has been around for a very long time, but due to the dangers and lack of cleanliness, it is not a very sought after or desirable job. For these reasons, we ensure that our highly skilled professionals undergo the most appropriate training possible to gain the greatest amount of experience in all aspects of their job. There are many things that our chimney sweepers are required to do on the job. They must remove any blockages, remove soot and creosote build-up inside the chimney liner, firebox, smoke chamber, and around the damper. Our professionals provide you with a very intense cleansing of your entire chimney system to ensure that you have a safer burning operation inside your home. If there is any amount of creosote deposits hanging out in your chimney, you are putting yourself at a higher risk for poor burning practices creating the possibility for chimney fires and an unhealthy, smoke-filled environment for yourself and your family. Another potential effect of creosote deposits is a reduced draw of your chimney, causing less efficiency.

Our trained professional chimney sweepers cover a wide spectrum of inspecting and cleaning practices.

  • We will check the firebox for any signs of damaged brick or crumbling or missing mortar sections;
  • We will check to be sure that the damper opens properly and that it moves freely and fits appropriately against the smoke shelf;
  • We will use a flashlight to check the damper itself for any cracks, pitting, or rusted sections. However, if the damper appears to be corroding or broken, we will have one of our professionals replace it;
  • We will look to be sure that there is not any debris that can lead to restricting air flow, and if we find any, we will certainly remove it;
  • We will check for any signs that your chimney flue liner, metal or clay, might be damaged or broken, or have cracks or holes. If we notice a vertical crack in your chimney liner, it is very hazardous and is a sign that there was previously a fire and needs to be repaired immediately;
  • We will check for any deposits of creosote that are likely to cause a fire and we will remove these deposits.

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