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We have been restoring and repairing chimneys for years. We can repair virtually any type of masonry chimney. Whether your chimney needs partial or full rebuilding, you can count on us for a job well-done. Our chimney sweep professionals have had plenty of experience solving mysterious smoke problems, draft problems, odor problems, leak diagnosis, and other chimney-related issues. We are also experienced in waterproofing your chimney to help avoid any future leak issues altogether.

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Masonry Repairs

There are different kinds of masonry repairs that can be done. If the masonry is left uninspected for too long, then any existing minor cracks or chips can lead to much bigger problems requiring more extensive repairs. It is fortunate that if these issues are caught early on, the repair process is relatively small. Tuckpointing is a process that resolves damage issues to the masonry work due to inclement weather and temperature changes. During this process, the mason will first grind down some of the old joint to make a strong bond between the old and new mortar. Then he will clean the joints by getting rid of dust and debris. The masonry will then be rinsed, followed by new joints being tuckpointed into the work using specialized tools. Mortar is then placed into the joints with the same color. If needed, bricks will be replaced. The work is then sealed and cleaned thoroughly. Tuckpointing extends the lifetime of the masonry work and adds to the structural integrity to your home. There are two different kinds of tuckpointing that can be done. Solid tuckpointing is a process that adheres to solid sections or entire walls of the masonry work. It is generally the longest lasting solution to any necessary repair in tuckpointing. Spot tuckpointing is mostly for maintenance purposes. It involves addressing open holes, cracks, and damaged mortar where the remaining surrounding mortar is still in relatively good shape. Brick cleaning and repairs can also be done. Cleaning of the brick work can be done to remove carbon, efflorescence, and rust stains, as well as plant growth and paint removal. We can repair or even replace deteriorated and broken bricks to make the masonry work look as good as possible. During the brick relaying process, we will remove and reinstall sections of broken or damaged bricks and we will try to salvage as much of it as possible. If this cannot be done, then we will replace these sections with brick that matches the existing masonry as close as we possibly can.

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Leak Diagnosis & Repair

There are some significant things that we look for if we believe that you may have a leak in your chimney system. You may notice drywall warping, unsightly stains on the walls or ceiling or both, any kind of mold growth, and floor damage. There are numerous factors that could cause a leaky chimney. Chimney leaks often start on the roof because that is where your chimney is most exposed to water. We will need to check out your roof for any signs of leaking culprits, and in particular we will be looking for loose mortar joints, damaged bricks, or foundation cracks on the chimney. If it is possible for us to pinpoint the exact position in which the leak is coming from, we will give you the diagnosis of the cause. We can then work to seal the cracks or holes and spray your chimney with a water repellant or a brick sealant. If we do not come across any problems with the bricks in the chimney foundation, we will need to conduct a further assessment to find where the leak is coming from. It is possible that the leak could be coming from the flashing, which is sheet metal that is applied where the section of chimney meets the roof. The caulking in which holds these together could have dried out and cracked, or the flashing could be rusted or been too damaged by weather. We can repair the flashing if the damage is not too terribly bad, but if it is too much of an extensive repair, you will need to have an all new chimney flashing installed. Another cause of a leaky chimney could be a result of a cracked or damaged chimney cap or crown, which our trained professionals can repair or replace if needed.

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Waterproofing is very important to do because it protects your chimney from unwanted and unnecessary damage. Chimneys are exposed to a lot of outside elements every day. The brick they are built from is designed to be durable, but it is porous and can and will be affected by long-term water exposure. The water penetrates the porous product and removes the binding agents in the bricks and mortar which leaves gaps within the chimney structure. The water that has already made its way into the brickwork will be affected by the freezing and thawing processes causing significant deterioration of the brick. Because of this, the entire chimney structure can be compromised. It is important to protect your chimney from these devastating effects that water penetration can cause. You must ensure that you have correctly installed and maintained components of your chimney, including the chimney crown and cap. Some waterproofing materials are silicone based and actually do more harm than good because they trap smoke, heat, and water vapor within the brick that should otherwise be seeping out through the porous brick. Other waterproofing materials work to bind to the actual brick itself and the mortar beneath, practically being absorbed by the brick much like the penetrative water. These products are specially designed with proper chemicals to allow passage of water vapor and smoke through the brick all without allowing water molecules to seep out due to their size. If you suspect that your chimney system has succumbed to any amount of water damage, you will need to have one of our professional chimney sweeps inspect it right away. If any damage is found upon inspection, you will need to take the appropriate steps to have a repair job done to stop any further water damage.

Metal Fabrication

The tops of chimneys are only so resistant to weather damage and are exposed to a lot of smoke, causing wear and tear and deterioration of the chimney cap and chase cover. If your chimney cap is allowing water to leak into your chimney, then it is time to get it replaced. At Bob Davis Chimney, we offer custom manufactured parts to fit your chimney needs. We can build you a completely brand new chimney cap and chase cover and replace the old one to prevent future leaks from happening. At our metal fabrication facility, our team can construct a standard or custom designed chimney cap. We use stainless steel and copper in our production facility, but we can also paint of powder coat the caps to match your home. It is typical that pre-fabricated chimneys and brick chimneys have a chase cover made out of lightweight aluminum or sheet metal, which are both likely to collect water and eventually rust causing a leak in your chimney. It is important to have a quality-made chase cover and cap to protect your home from water damage, pesky critters and debris, and they also protect the brick and mortar on your chimney. If you see a cap and cover that you like, or if you want to design one yourself, we encourage you to share that with us when we are constructing your chimney’s new components. We offer a lifetime warranty against structural defects on all of our chimney caps and chase covers. If you notice leaking or feel like it is time to have your chase cover and cap replaced, let our professional team custom build you a new one.

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Smoke Problems

There are a lot of things that can cause your chimney to experience draft problems leading to smoke seeping into your home. An appropriately drafting chimney allows the smoke to draw upwards through the chimney and into the external atmosphere. If your chimney has drafting problems, then the unwanted smoke could cause combustion products dispelled through your home creating hazardous living conditions. When the drafting is working correctly, the harmful smoke will properly exit the chimney flue. Smoke problems could be caused by an incorrect firebox size or chimney flue liner, installation mishaps or closed dampers. The firebox can cause two serious problems leading to smoke backdraft, the firebox and the chimney flue are not the correct ratio in size to each other, which is needed for the system to work properly, and the firebox could be placed too far away from the back wall of the chimney. If any part of your chimney is damaged or broken, you will most likely succumb to smoke problems. Your chimney could also have an uncleaned cap, a cap that was not installed correctly, or a cap of the wrong size. You may have unknown blockages in any part of your chimney system caused by bird nests, any other kinds of critters, or some kind of debris buildup. The way the chimney is designed could also lead to some smoke backdraft. As long as the original design of the fireplace follows specific building codes, it will eliminate cause for concern from faulty design. It is also a possibility that smoke problems could be caused by something so much more simple like a fan or central vacuum causing a suction of air pulling the smoke into your home. Our professional chimney sweeps can identify where the problem is coming from and find a solution to stop your unwanted smoke problems.

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