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A chimney inspection can be done by one of our professional chimney sweeps. Our skilled professionals have undergone the most thorough training for their occupation and we are very passionate about what we do. Two of the most important things that we look for when conducting an inspection is weather damage and fire damage. Your chimney can also be inspected for preparation of use prior to the colder months. It is important to have one of our professional chimney sweeps conduct an inspection of your chimney at least once a year to assess any kind of damage that needs to be repaired. It is cheaper and more efficient to make minor repairs early on, rather than to let them preside and become worse. A full chimney repair is very expensive and requires a lot of unnecessary work if an annual inspection is done.

Having your fireplace and chimney inspected regularly is the best way to keep your home safe. Chimney fires can cause devastating damage. If you can not remember the last time you had your chimney and fireplace inspected, now is time to schedule an inspection with Bob Davis Chimney Sweep. Our chimney sweeps will inspect the liners, smoke chamber, chimney exterior, and firebox from top to bottom. We also search for potential hazards, including premature deterioration and structural problems. We offer Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 NFPA inspections.

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Level 1 Inspection

In a Level 1 inspection, we look at the burning appliance and ventilation system to assess if it can be expected to work the same way it has been previously and will not need any changes. We will inspect all components of your chimney system including the interior and exterior burning appliance, the exposed part of the chimney, and the connection. We also check to make sure that there was a correct installation of your burning appliance and for any creosote residue.

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Level 2 Inspection

With a Level 2 inspection, it is required if your chimney system has undergone any changes to fuel types, replacement of flue liners, or if the burning appliance has been completely changed. A Level 2 inspection is also required if any natural disasters have affected the integrity of your chimney system. Level 2 inspections are mandatory for sale of the home because it protects both seller and buyer from any discrepancies on the value of the home. Level 2 inspections include all aspects of a Level 1 inspection, along with a video recording of the inside of the chimney system. This can be shown to the homeowner in regards to any changes that need to be made, and can then be discussed between both parties which would be the most convenient route to making repairs.

Level 3 Inspection

A Level 3 inspection is the most thorough form of chimney inspection. It includes Levels 1 and 2, and adds on examination of concealed parts of the chimney system. This may result in removal of parts of the chimney or building structure. This level of inspection is only required if we suspect any serious damage of the chimney.

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